Welcome, my name is Maciej Kitowski

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My story

I`m experienced specialist in the field of Electrical Engineering. I have started as Assistant to Electrical Designer and progress my work position to Senior Electrical Engineer. For last 5 years i was based in UK. At the moment, I am self-employed and I am providing service as Electrical Engineer to the one of the leading consulting company in Northern Ireland and UK.

After my return to Poland I decided to change profession and became a software developer. From September I am attending the course for front-end developers at CoderLab.

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Technologies I use

HTML vesrion 5

CSS version 3







GIT - version control


My work

Below you can finde some of my works

My personal webpage
GitHUB Web App
Company landing page
GitHUB Web App
My version of popular puzzle game
GitHUB Web App
Simple Calculator
GitHUB Web App
App made for my daughters to improve multiplication
GitHUB Web App